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When does each F1 driver's contract expire?

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Just how long is each current Formula 1 driver's contract and when will they expire?

It's a key detail to any F1 silly season, so here - from our understanding of what can often be a very private process - is the current expiry date of each 2024 F1 driver's contract.

It's important to note there may be options for further years beyond the below expiry dates.

Red Bull

Max Verstappen - 2028

Sergio Perez - 2026*

In May 2022 Verstappen signed a bumper new deal to remain with Red Bull until 2028.

Since then he's become a three-time F1 champion and claimed just about every F1 record going, but he has repeatedly hinted he might not stick around beyond the end of his current deal.

Red Bull has retained Verstappen's current team-mate Sergio Perez, announcing he had signed a two-year contract extension in early June despite a dip in his form in the races beforehand.

But while that indicates he is in place for the 2026 season as well, in that same announcement team principal Christian Horner said only that Red Bull was confirming its 2025 line-up.

So in addition to there being some certainty over Verstappen's beyond the end of next season, it may also be the case that Perez's contract is a one-year-plus-one deal - with the option for that second year on the team's side.


Lewis Hamilton - 2024*

George Russell - 2025

Both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell signed new two-year deals in 2023 that were intended to keep them at Mercedes until at least the end of 2025.

But Hamilton's deal was not an iron-clad two years, as it emerged the second year was an option on his side. Hamilton ultimately activated a release clause, and will make a remarkable switch to Ferrari for 2025.


Charles Leclerc - "Several more seasons"

Carlos Sainz - 2024

Both Ferrari drivers' contracts were due to expire at the end of 2024 but a Leclerc extension was announced covering "several more seasons".

Leclerc had reportedly signed a new five-year deal that would keep him at Ferrari until at least the end of 2029 but the January announcement only specified "several" years.

An extension will not follow for Sainz. With Ferrari having now signed Hamilton for 2025, Sainz has acknowledged the 2024 season will be his last for the team.

His options currently appear to rest between Williams and the Sauber team that will become the works Audi entry in 2026.


Lando Norris - 2026*

Oscar Piastri - 2026

Like Verstappen, Lando Norris committed long-term in the early part of 2022 with a bumper deal that would keep him at McLaren until at least the end of 2025.

He did have talks with Red Bull before opting to continue with McLaren.

In January 2024 he's re-committed with another "long-term" deal that will definitely keep him at McLaren until the end of 2026, and the actual expiry may well be beyond that date.

Star 2023 rookie Oscar Piastri's original McLaren contract was upgraded to a four-year deal thanks to the impressive start he made to life in F1, meaning McLaren will keep its Norris-Piastri line-up for at least another three years.

Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso - 2026

Lance Stroll - 2026

Alonso's bombshell switch from Alpine to Aston Martin, announced in 2022, involved a contract that would keep him at the team until at least the end of 2024.

He extended this deal to cover not just 2025 but 2026, the first year of F1's next regulations cycle and the first year of Aston's impending engine partnership with Honda.

Stroll has also signed a new deal this year - ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix in June - to race through the 2026 season with Alonso.


Esteban Ocon - 2024

Pierre Gasly - "multi-year"

Alpine secured a big win when it managed t0 extend Pierre Gasly's contract in June, just before the Austrian Grand Prix. It should keep him at the team at least beyond 2025.

It's been a tough start to the year for the team so securing Gasly was likely a top priority.

The other side of the garage is another story as it prepares for significant change.

Back in 2021, Esteban Ocon signed a three-year deal with the Renault works team that had granted him his return to F1 after he spent 2019 on the sidelines.

But he and Alpine will part ways at the end of the 2024 season - with that announcement coming a little more than a week on from an on-track clash with team-mate and compatriot Pierre Gasly.

Ocon does not yet have alternative plans in place but promised in his statement to reveal his plans "very soon".


Alex Albon - 2026+

Logan Sargeant - 2024

Williams picked Albon up for 2022 after he spent the previous year on the sidelines as Red Bull reserve, then tied him down to a multi-year deal until the end of 2025. It then extended that with a "multi-year" deal that will at least keep him at Williams into the new 2026 era.

Logan Sargeant was granted a second year in F1 shortly after the conclusion of his rookie season. Whether he remains beyond 2024 will depend a great deal on how much he improves.


Daniel Ricciardo - 2024

Yuki Tsunoda - 2025

Red Bull's second F1 team has a new name for 2024 but its driver line-up remained unchanged.

Yuki Tsunoda has been confirmed into a fifth season in 2025 while Daniel Ricciardo continues his F1 comeback with his first full-time campaign at Red Bull's junior team since 2013 but faces question marks over his future now his original aim of getting back into Red Bull Racing is off the table following Perez's renewal.


Valtteri Bottas - 2024

Guanyu Zhou - 2024

Valtteri Bottas landed at Alfa Romeo-branded Sauber after losing his Mercedes drive to Russell with a multi-year deal that at least lasts until the end of 2024.

Zhou Guanyu's original deal expired last year and he received a new one-year deal in 2023 that will extend his stay at the Swiss-based outfit, which for 2024 and 2025 will be known as the Stake F1 team.

At least one of them - and quite possibly both - won't be re-signed for the year after, given Sauber (and its future owner Audi) has already committed to Nico Hulkenberg on a multi-year deal starting in 2025.


Kevin Magnussen - 2024

Nico Hulkenberg - 2024

Hulkenberg returned to full-time F1 action after three years on the sidelines (via some stand-in appearances) on a two-year deal that will expire at the end of 2024 - after which he will leave to join Sauber, having been announced as the soon-to-be Audi project's first driver.

Kevin Magnussen's current deal expires at the same point, with 2024 marking his seventh year with the team.

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