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F1 2020 offers first look at My Team mode in new trailer

by Nathan Quinn
2 min read

In Codemasters’ latest trailer for the F1 2020 game, the game developer has showcased some aspects of the new ‘My Team’ driver-manager mode that will be making its franchise debut in this year’s edition.

My Team will allow the player to manage an all-new 11th entry on the F1 grid, which will carry fictional sponsors but will have to choose between real-life engine suppliers Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda, with each power unit coming with different characteristics and at a different price.

The ability to pick your own team-mate in My Team, with each driver being rated in four different attributes as well as having their own contract cost to employ them in your team, is also new to the franchise.

Players will start by signing a real-life Formula 2 driver and will slowly build up their team to become increasingly competitive compared to the 10 real-world teams.

A part of that process involves buying and upgrading facilities, which are split into six categories.

Aerodynamic, powertrain, chassis and durability facilities all tie into the car upgrade system that existed in the earlier titles. The other two facilities are personnel and marketing.

In between race weekends, players will have to manage what their team does, with certain activities having pros and cons.

For example, sending a driver to fitness camp could have a knock-on effect by leaving him with less time to dedicate to sponsors.

Interviews with the media have been given a bigger role in the game as before the car is unveiled players will be asked questions on topics ranging from car performance to race predictions.

The responses will have a direct impact on the initial strength of the car, Codemasters says.

The developer has also explained that My Team will utilise ‘Acclaim’ as a reputational metric, which will determine salaries for drivers and “sponsorships and opportunities” for teams.

“My Team is a feature that both the studio and our community have wanted for some time,” said Lee Mather, F1 Franchise Game Director at Codemasters.

“My Team thrusts the player into the world of F1 with its unique driver-manager experience. We know our players are going to love this new feature.”

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