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MotoGP uses remote scrutineering to freeze development

by Matt Beer
1 min read

until Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League

MotoGP will implement a remote scrutineering procedure for the 2020 season, in order to freeze engine and aerodynamics development while the championship remains on pause in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Series rules mean teams must seal a spec engine at the opening round of the championship as well as selecting an aerodynamic package for the year.

However, with the first race in Qatar called off for the premier class and with no beginning in sight, Monday’s announcement means that manufacturers will be unable to continue R&D.

Under normal circumstances, factories traditionally supply a control engine to the technical director at the opening round, so that subsequent engines can be checked against it as a control as the season progresses.

Only Honda was able to complete this process in Qatar, likely because it had already shipped personnel and parts to the scheduled opening round.

Marc Marquez Alex Marquez Honda Qatar MotoGP testing 2020

The rest of the factories were not able to do so this year due to the extenuating circumstances, and have instead sent their sample engines to technical director Danny Aldridge for storage ahead of the start of the year.

Aerodynamics have been similarly scrutineered by providing digital drawings to Aldridge.

The news will no doubt take some pressure those factories that continue to endure an unscheduled shutdown, with Aprilia, Ducati and KTM’s bases all falling within mandatory quarantine zones in Italy and Austria.

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