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Development freeze for MotoGP series through 2021

by Jack Benyon
2 min read

until Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League

MotoGP’s rule-making body the Grand Prix Commission has confirmed that all three classes will be subject to a development freeze that will stretch to the end of 2021, in an attempt to limit costs in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequently-cancelled or postponed races.

The new rules passed yesterday mean MotoGP’s engine and aerodynamics development will remain fixed until the end of next season in an attempt to limit both cost and any disadvantage the European manufacturers face from seeing a production halt.

Under the current rules, four manufacturers have already selected their engine configuration for the 2020 season, with remote scrutineering forcing them to submit control powerplants to the championship’s technical body, the IRTA. These engine designs will now also be used for 2020.

Aerodynamic rules state that each manufacturer was allowed two different specifications of aerodynamic packages, one at the start of the year and one as an upgrade. They’ll now be forced to use only their selected fairings for 2020, should it happen, and one of these must be the base setting for 2021.

Concession teams (now only KTM and Aprilia) are subject to their own rules, with their ability to bring mid-season engine and aerodynamic upgrades withdrew for the 2020 season, however long it should last.

They will be able to continue as normal in 2021, though, potentially giving the two factories a chance to further close the door on their veteran rivals.

In Moto2 and Moto3, more sweeping rules are being introduced that will essentially fix their entire 2020 packages for the following year.

That move was made easier in part thanks to Moto2’s control engines.


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