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Dillmann overcomes Jani to win Last Chance race

by Matt Beer
1 min read

until Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League

Tom Dillmann clinched his place in The Race All-Star Esports Battle final by beating Neel Jani to victory in the Jones Soda Last Chance Qualifying race.

Dillmann banged wheels with Juan Pablo Montoya off the line but lost little momentum and passed polesitter Jani into the first corner early on.

Jani held second to the finish, while Montoya’s race went dramatically awry when he spun at Turn 1 as James Davison attempted to pass him.

Montoya was then collected by Ed Jones, allowing Jimmy Broadbent to rise to fourth temporarily.

But Broadbent as soon overtaken by Charlie Eastwood – who spent the rest of the race in an ultra-close tussle with Davison for third, won by the Australian.

Broadbent then outbraked himself and allowed sportscar racer Bradley Smith into the crucial fifth place, and was unable to reclaim it despite constant efforts over the remaining laps.

Dillmann, Jani, Davison, Eastwood and Smith go on to complete the field for a grand final that will also feature the likes of Felix Rosenqvist and Stoffel Vandoorne.

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