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Renault’s 2020 car runs for first time

by Matt Beer
1 min read

Renault’s 2020 Formula 1 car has run on-track for the first time in a filming day at Barcelona.

The team opted not to share images of the R.S.20 at its season launch last week, saying it was not ready.

Instead, it issued a few teaser images of renders of the car in an interim black livery.

However, on Monday, Renault revealed it was undertaking a filming day at Barcelona, two days ahead of the start of the pre-season testing.

The team shared a black-and-white picture of new signing Esteban Ocon leaving the garage in the fully-liveried R.S.20.

It appears to have a similar livery to last year’s car: predominantly black yellow flashes, and a yellow nose.

Renault has suggested the car will have noticeable differences when proper images are finally released.

Executive director Marcin Budkowski said last week that the car’s structural elements remain largely the same from 2019 but the bigger performance-enhancing variables have been overhauled, and most of them will be spotted.

“The chassis, the gearbox and things like this, there is performance in them, but it’s second or third order compared to aerodynamics, compared to suspension, compared to engine power, compared to tyre management,” said Budkowski.

“They are really the four factors beyond the drivers that make a car go quick.

“And you realise that even if you know a lot of the chassis, a lot of the gearbox, is actually very similar to last year, we’ve still changed front and rear suspension geometry which you’ll see from the pictures of the car.

“You’ll see the bodywork and it’s all different there’s no single element – apart from maybe one, and I won’t tell you which one it is, you’ll have to spot the differences.

“But on the bodywork it’s a completely different car and that’s where the performance comes from.”

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