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Perez keeps Monaco GP win after Ferrari protests dismissed

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
2 min read

Ferrari’s protests against Monaco Grand Prix winner Sergio Perez and Formula 1 championship leader Max Verstappen have been rejected.

An aggressive Red Bull strategy helped Perez take track position from early race leader Charles Leclerc and win the grand prix.

Max Verstappen finished third after jumping Leclerc at the pitstops to change from intermediates to slicks.

Ferrari then protested both Red Bulls for failing to keep to the right of the pitlane exit line, with Verstappen’s alleged offence coming as he rejoined the track narrowly ahead of Leclerc.

Team boss Mattia Binotto said the dual protest was primarily for clarification because it did not make sense why there were no penalties when footage showed the wheels of the Red Bull touching the line.

He argued that the wording of the race director’s notes that drivers “must keep to the right of the solid yellow line” was written specifically so it was clear that any contact with the line was an infringement.

However, the stewards have dismissed the protests because the International Sporting Code specifically stipulates a car “must not cross” the line and that the race director’s notes cannot contradict this.

The stewards said that Ferrari conceded that Perez’s car did not have any part of its front or rear tyres on the left of the yellow line and accepted its protest was unfounded. The protest was therefore rejected.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said: “I’m so happy for Checo. It’s a wonderful result for him and he drove brilliantly, not just today but all weekend.

“His outlap on the inters was what really nailed this race for him.”

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