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Video: Has Vegas GP answered critics like Verstappen?

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F1’s Las Vegas Grand Prix finally happened - ending a week-long onslaught of criticism from world champion Max Verstappen with one of the best grands prix of the season.

An event in the heart of Las Vegas with yet another street track was always going to be divisive for drivers and fans, especially as F1 has been telling us for over a year that this would be the best thing that ever happened in the history of anything ever.

Verstappen stood out as the event’s main dissenting voice, criticising it left, right and centre, but after he won a thrilling race even he admitted it was fun on-track at least.

F1 and the Las Vegas GP had to endure a lot more than just stinging words from one of its biggest ambassadors through the week - most notably a farcical first day of track action that left a sour taste, also because of the response it elicited from both the organisers and a leading team boss.

It ended with the main talking point being a quality race - which is the best result F1 could have hoped for - but not without major items on the agenda for 2024.

0:00 A crazy week
1:00 Verstappen piles in
4:39 Did it work?
6:30 What F1 got wrong
9:28 What needs to change

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