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Bring Back V10s: Why did Williams really drop Hill?

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As part of our celebration of the best bits from the past 12 months in motorsport, we've tasked our contributors with selecting their highlights from The Race's 2023 content.

We're heading down a slightly different avenue with our first choice, as Editor-in-Chief and Bring Back V10s host Glenn Freeman takes us back to January and the start of the seventh series of our classic F1 podcast.

Our Bring Back V10s classic F1 podcast started 2023 with a bang. Covering Damon Hill's shock Williams exit in 1996 leaned into what I love about putting these shows together.

It wasn't just about pontificating on the bit anyone can dig up from Google or Wikipedia. We dug back through everything that happened before and after, and spoke to four key people involved in the story, including Andrew Benson - the journalist who broke this world exclusive at the time.

The end result was very satisfying. And we've recently released all of the interviews we did for this episode uncut for The Race Members' Club - so check that out too!

Here's the full episode below:

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