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Safety car fix among latest F1 2019 updates

by Matt Beer
1 min read

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Patch version 1.22 on Codemasters’ F1 2019 has just been released on all platforms and features a number of bug fixes as well as a couple of new features.

One of the more troublesome parts of the latest officially licensed Formula 1 game has been the safety car.

It was considered to be deployed too infrequently and update 1.20 increased the likelihood of the safety car being released after a crash or retirement.

The newest update claims to have “addressed an issue where the safety car could appear in one-shot qualifying in online sessions”.

Minor improvements have also been made to the damage model, with Codemasters saying the “front wing damage threshold has been reduced in practice and qualifying sessions to include minor physical damage”.

Aside from that a couple of minor quality of life changes have been made, including being told if you are serving a penalty during a pitstop and players can also see the speed they’ve set in the speed trap during practice sessions. Before this information was only ever communicated audibly.

An F1 game being updated this close to the start of the new real life season isn’t new – F1 2018’s final update was released on February 25 2019. However F1 2019 has had a greater volume of updates than F1 2018 received during its lifespan.

You can find the full list of changes and fixes made to the game over on Codemasters’ blog.

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