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Why Ferrari’s not running Mission Winnow F1 livery in France

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
2 min read

Ferrari will not be running its Mission Winnow logos at the French Grand Prix or other Formula 1 races in the European Union.

Ferrari F1 Paul Ricard

The Italian team’s main sponsor Philip Morris International adopted the Mission Winnow slogan and used its space on Ferrari’s F1 cars to advertise it back in 2019.

PMI claims the slogan exists to demonstrate its “commitment to continuous innovation and development of new solutions” to positively change society, but it has faced a backlash since the logos started being used, with accusations it was simply a way to carry out tobacco advertising – which has long been banned in F1.

Ferrari ran the entire 2020 season without the Mission Winnow logos appearing on the car but it was entered for the 2021 season as “Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow” and its SF21 car was launched with a bright green Mission Winnow logo on the engine cover.

Motor Racing Formula One World Championship Azerbaijan Grand Prix Practice Day Baku, Azerbaijan
There is more branding elsewhere on the car including the rear wing, and the logo was also present on teamwear and drivers’ helmets.

The team has run with that livery and under that name at every race so far in 2021 –  Bahrain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Monaco and Azerbaijan.

But it has reverted to Scuderia Ferrari on the entry list this weekend and the logos will not appear across remaining races in the EU.
Carlos Sainz Charles Leclerc Ferrari F1

“The Mission Winnow logo will not be featured on the Scuderia Ferrari livery during races in the EU, starting with the French Grand Prix this weekend,” said PMI vice president of partnerships Riccardo Parino.

“Mission Winnow respects all laws and regulations and continuously strives to find distinctive ways to drive dialogue, free of ideology, and build strong partnerships that are rooted in shared values.

“We acknowledge the mistrust and abundance of scepticism towards our industry.

“However, our intention is not to create controversy around the application of the logo but rather focus on re-framing global conversations, building communities, and supporting innovative ideas that drive positive change.”

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