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Quiz: Every F1 race winner to start 10th or lower

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
1 min read

More than 30 races that have counted towards the F1 world championship have been won by a driver who lined up in a double-digit starting position on the grid.

Our latest quiz – the penultimate one in our recent run of daily quizzes – tasks you with naming the drivers who came up with the goods despite starting 10th or lower.

To make your lives easier, we did not include the Indy 500s that counted towards the F1 championship, as they are generally recognised as having been F1 races only de jure rather than de facto. As such, the quiz doesn’t feature such ‘grand prix’ winners as Bill Vukovich (1954 Indy 500 winner from P19 on the grid), Bob Sweikert (1955 Indy 500 winner from P14 on the grid) and Sam Hanks (1957 Indy 500 winner from P13 on the grid).

If the layout of the quiz is sub-optimal on your device of choice, try adjusting the page zoom level or switching to a different device – or play it directly on Sporcle’s site.

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