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Norris shaves head after online charity effort

by Matt Beer
1 min read

McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris fulfilled his promise to shave his head after saying he would do in a livestream a few days ago.

In excess of 36,000 viewers watched Norris cut his hair live on his Twitch channel.

The reason for the trim was because of a livestream he held last weekend during Twitch’s ‘Stream Aid’, an event that raised a total of $2.7million for COVID-19 relief efforts.

The F1 driver, and frequent Twitch streamer, contributed by broadcasting himself playing the games F1 2019, iRacing and Rocket League.

Norris promised to shave his head if he raised over $10,000 from donations during his weekend livestream, and he exceeded that amount by $2000.

He didn’t quite go full ‘Baldo Norris’ but he now no longer has the curly hair he used to.

He ordered some hair clippers specifically for the occasion, and since he is isolating alone he had to cut the hair himself, something which he was plainly very uncomfortable in doing.

He joked about shaving the number four, his driver number, into the side of his head but in the end didn’t do so.

People in the livestream chat also wanted him to shave the McLaren logo into his hair, a design likely too complicated for Norris to have pulled off.

After he finished cutting his hair Norris started both laughing and crying.

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