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New wall to deter corner-cutting at Canadian GP venue Montreal

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
2 min read

Track changes at the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix include the extension of a concrete barrier in the Turn 1 run-off area, blocking drivers from cutting Turn 2 so easily.

Previously, the run-off area between the entry to the Turn 1 left-hander and the exit of Turn 2 after the track comes back to the right was an asphalt surface except for a small patch of coloured grass inside the apex of Turn 2 – as shown in the picture below from the 2022 Montreal race.

Motor Racing Formula One World Championship Canadian Grand Prix Practice Day Montreal, Canada

It meant drivers that went too deep into Turn 1, either making a mistake or going wide in a battle with someone else, could simply take to the run-off area and rejoin on the other side with no time loss having cut Turn 2.

That will no longer be possible in the same way as the realignment and extension of a concrete barrier, which has a line of Tecpro in front of it, cuts off the end of the tarmac area.

Xpb 1213115 Hires

The crypto.com advertising is on the concrete side, with the Pirelli banners on the Tecpro side.

The extended barrier now runs to the end of the grass on the inside of the Turn 2 apex, so any driver that runs wide at Turn 1 will need to drive over the grass to either get around the barrier and rejoin the track or try to rejoin sooner.

Xpb 1213114 Hires

There are other changes around the track, including the enlargement of the run-off at Turn 3 and realignment of the walls at Turn 7.

The FIA says an orange kerb at the apex of Turn 9, which is the left-hand part of the chicane in the middle of the lap before the hairpin, has been removed – as has the same type of kerb at the final chicane.

Those corners still have specific track limits rules for drivers to follow, though. There are still long orange kerbs lining the track edge beyond the apex at those corners and if a driver goes onto the run-off they will need to rejoin beyond an orange bollard.

Other minor changes include the pit entry width being reduced to 4.5 metres and the concrete wall at the end of the pitwall being extended by just over 100 metres.

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