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Video: Will a knowledge gap foil Mercedes' 2024 F1 hopes?

1 min read

Mercedes needs, in Lewis Hamilton's words, the "greatest six months of development" it's ever had if its to be in 2024 Formula 1 title contention.

Trouble is, last weekend's Japanese Grand Prix seemed to suggest it's failed one of the toughest tests for an F1 car - and that raises a big question about whether it can really take the fight to Red Bull, or at least just how far it still has to go.

Our video looks at the overwhelming evidence to suggest Mercedes is yet to master the nuances needed to get the most out of its package in this ground-effect ruleset, how its problems can be fixed, and, even if its 2024 car is more complicit over a wider range of circuits as required, whether it really understands the finer detail required to make the most of its anticipated change in concept.

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