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Big packages for McLaren and Mercedes among Miami F1 upgrades

by Mark Hughes
3 min read

The Miami Grand Prix marks the end of the first quarter of the 2024 Formula 1 season, and it's here where two of the teams in the chasing pack behind Red Bull have decided to bring their most significant upgrades yet.

But McLaren and Mercedes aren't alone, as eight outfits have new parts to trial in the United States. Mark Hughes rounds up what's been declared in Friday's ‘show and tell’.


Mercedes F1

A very significant upgrade for Mercedes here, based around a new floor.

The roof geometry has been altered, as has that of the floor edge.

Mercedes F1

The new underfloor geometry has brought a claimed increase in load from the floor by improving flow to the diffuser while the floor edge changes, in dropping the air pressure locally, increase the loading on the front of the floor.

Mercedes F1

A reduced-chord front wing is available to balance the car around a lower-drag rear wing.

There are also more bodywork cooling louvres to account for the high Miami ambient temperatures.


A very big upgrade for McLaren, running from nose to tail and under and over, all conceived to deliver what the team believes will be a very significant increase in load ‘in all conditions’.

The bodywork and engine cover have been reshaped, with a new sidepod inlet and a reshaped coke bottle section towards the back. These work in conjunction with a new underfloor.

A new front wing, revised front suspension geometry and front brake ducts give what is claimed to be better flow control. There are also changes to the rear wing and brake duct winglets to better exploit the new flow.

Lando Norris is the driver running the full upgrade, while Oscar Piastri's spec was described by McLaren CEO Zak Brown as "upgrade light" - with him set to join Norris in running the full version at Imola.

Red Bull

For weight-saving reasons Red Bull has removed one of the supports for the floor edge wing, given that it is judged adequately stiff.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin has made several minor changes that are mainly circuit-specific, including a less aggressive front wing profile to help balance the car around a lower rear-downforce wing/beam wing combination, and a greater cooling exit area for the bodywork at the rear.


A smaller chord front wing is available to give a better fit with the balance demands of this track at the optimum downforce level.


Further development of the floor body and diffuser.


A lower-downforce rear wing and accompanying trimming of the front wing.


A revised geometry for the diffuser and the addition of a gurney flap there to keep that airflow better attached.

No updates declared: Ferrari, Alpine

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