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Imola '94 podcast mini-series - Part 3: A lasting legacy

1 min read

Our new motorsport history podcast And Colossally... That's History! is marking the 30th anniversary of the deaths of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna at Formula 1's 1994 San Marino Grand Prix this week with a three-part series.

In this final part, presenters Matt Bishop and Richard Williams look at the fallout and lasting legacy from that dark weekend - which started at the round that followed in Monaco. There, a crash in practice raised anxiety levels yet further, with Karl Wendlinger left in a coma.

They also reflect on the safety changes made in the wake of the events of Imola, both immediately - to cars and circuits - and in the long term.

Williams, who attended Senna's funeral, also reflects on his experience of the inquest into Senna's death in Italy, before he and Bishop assess how Williams and Damon Hill were impacted by - and reacted to - the terrible Imola accident.

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