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F1 Tech Show: Spray guard impressions + 2023’s chasing pack

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The FIA’s recent ‘spray guard’ trial is among the several Formula 1 technical matters discussed on this week’s episode of The Race F1 Tech Show.

Host Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson examine the spray guards – clip-on attachments with the aim of improving visibility in wet weather racing – which The Race was among the first to see renders of at the Hungarian GP last weekend. Anderson gives his opinion on the design and suggests a possible improvement following reports of an unconvincing first trial at Silverstone.

The pair then discuss Red Bull’s record run of 12 consecutive F1 wins – noting how impressive an achievement it is while cautioning that it shouldn’t be compared to other eras.

And as McLaren’s revival continued in Hungary, Straw and Anderson debate whether that team now leads the charge behind Red Bull or if anyone else is still in control of the best-of-the-rest fight.

And finally there’s more of your questions for the two to answer, including technical questions on windtunnels and airboxes, and an email from listener Steve Griffiths, who owns the Jordan 195 Anderson designed and whose smoky Silverstone show run was discussed on the previous episode.

If you’d like to have your tech question answered on the show, send an email or voicenote to podcasts@the-race.com.

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