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F1 Podcast: Can Las Vegas GP really live up to the hype?

1 min read

What’s arguably the most important event in Formula 1’s recent history is well underway with Las Vegas gearing up for its first F1 grand prix in over 40 years.

The scale of the investment and off-track extravagance – while not to everyone’s taste – makes the penultimate round of the 2023 season a highly important one for F1.

But has the event got off to the right start or is it already feeling too gimmicky? How is the track looking and can we expect a race worthy of the intense pre-weekend hype? And what of the opening ceremony? Was it worthwhile or a waste of time?

There’s been a diverse mixture of opinions from the drivers and now our very own Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell-Malm weigh in with their first impressions on-site at the Las Vegas GP. 

We'll also hear from ex-McLaren driver John Watson on what it's like to race (and finish on the podium) at the Las Vegas GP, having done so during F1's short-lived initial attempt to race in Vegas in 1981 and 1982. 

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