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Every 2024 F1 car and livery

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The 2024 Formula 1 launch season is well underway but keeping track of exactly which teams have revealed their cars can be tricky.

That's because some only reveal a livery, others debut new cars in shakedowns before official launches and some keep the car designs hidden until just before pre-season testing.

Here's our recap of all the 2024 launches and reveals so far:

Red Bull

F1's champion team brought the 2024 F1 launch season to a close on February 15 with the reveal of its RB20.

Contrary to previous years Red Bull actually showed something resembling its new car at the launch, giving ex-F1 technical director Gary Anderson plenty to talk about.


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Launched just after McLaren and on the same day, Mercedes delivered a combination of recent black and silver cars with the W15 livery, as the car was unveiled on February 14.

It's the last Mercedes Lewis Hamilton will drive before his switch to Ferrari for 2025.


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McLaren MCL38

McLaren held a surprise 2024 launch on January 16 to reveal the livery of the MCL38 car it hopes will continue its F1 progress in 2024.

That actual car was withheld nearly another month before being shown off on February 14 - the same day as the Mercedes launch - ahead of a shakedown run at Silverstone.


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Ferrari revealed its overhauled SF-24 on February 13 in a simple launch video that showcased its new design and livery.


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Aston Martin

Aston Martin kicked off the final week of 2024 reveals - which features last year's five best teams all launching in the space of four days - by unveiling its AMR24 on February 12.

The new car, described as an "evolution" of the previous design, includes alterations to the front wing, an overhaul of the sidepods and bodywork, and a switch to pushrod rear suspension - meaning Mercedes, which supplies this part to Aston Martin, has made this switch too.


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Red Bull's second team RB (Visa Cash App RB to give it its full name) showcased the first car of its new era on February 8 in Las Vegas.

The VCARB 01 returns the team to something similar to the style of liveries used during the final years of its Toro Rosso guise.


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Alpine's 2024 design broke cover in a launch event at Enstone on February 7, featuring subtle evolutions on its predecessor and a more black colour scheme.

But as usual with Alpine there are two liveries at play, with the black-blue A524 present at the launch also accompanied by renders of a black-pink A524 that will run at one third of the races.


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Sauber (Stake F1 team C44)

The Sauber-run Stake F1 team revealed its C44 at a London launch event on the evening of February 5.

This is the penultimate car drawn up by the team before its new owner Audi takes over the entry from 2026.


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Williams FW46

A slightly-revised Williams livery, with prominent branding for a new major sponsor in Japanese manufacturer Komatsu, was unveiled in a launch event in New York on an older-spec car design.

The actual FW46 debuted on February 20 in Bahrain, a day before the start of pre-season testing.

Haas VF-24

Haas was the first F1 team to actually showcase its 2024 F1 car, the VF-24.

Of course the car will look different when it arrives in Bahrain for pre-season testing but it has given us some early clues of what's changed.

A shakedown run has already been completed on February 11 at Silverstone, and another will follow on February 19 in Bahrain.


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