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Decision on Haas's bid for US GP result change deferred

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
1 min read

A decision on whether to review the results of Formula 1's United States Grand Prix, per a petition by Haas, has been deferred until Thursday.

Haas is attempting to get the stewards to review the results of the Austin race, which took place over two weeks ago now, because it believes several cars wrongly got away with persistent track limits offences during the grand prix.

At the time of the race it was acknowledged by the stewards that there was insufficient evidence to definitively prove such offences took place.

Haas claims to have uncovered the evidence needed and petitioned for a right of review during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, which was within the 14-day window.

A hearing was scheduled for this Wednesday to enable the Austin stewards to convene via video, with representatives from Haas, Red Bull, Aston Martin and Williams all summoned – indicating the cars that could be punished.

The stewards announced on Wednesday that the first part of the hearing was complete but needed to be reviewed independently.

They have adjourned the meeting until 3pm CET on Thursday, when all parties in the original hearing will reconvene.

It will then be announced whether a significant and relevant new element has been discovered by Haas, which is required for the review to actually take place.

Should that be the case, then the hearing will continue – so even if Haas is granted the review on Thursday that is not a guarantee that the results of the US GP will change.

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