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F1 Tech Show: 2023's wild performance swings explained

1 min read

The latest episode of The Race F1 Tech Show takes an in-depth look at the key technical talking points from the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Host Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson begin by taking a look at Fernando Alonso’s extraordinary defence (and then attack) of Sergio Perez’s Red Bull, and the way the Spanish veteran used all the tools available to him within his car to secure a hard-fought podium finish.

After that, Edd and Gary discuss one of this season’s big tech topics: Why some teams are experiencing such big swings in performance, from race-to-race and circuit-to-circuit.

They try to unpick the key reasons, ask why some teams suffer more than others, and dig into why Red Bull stays so consistent.

And, as ever, the show is rounded out by Gary answering several questions from listeners, which this week are on forcing teams to share data, moveable aero, and endplates.

The Race F1 Tech Show, brought to you by Aramco.

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