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Bring back V10s podcast: Prost fired by Ferrari, part two

by Jack Benyon
1 min read

The second episode of our new retro Formula 1 podcast Bring Back V10s focuses on the messy conclusion of Alain Prost’s time with Ferrari.

Last week, Glenn Freeman, Karun Chandhok and Edd Straw set the scene for Prost’s abrupt departure from Ferrari, tracing tensions within the team back to late-1990 and the disappointments of the early part of 1991.

Our latest episode picks the story up after the French Grand Prix, where things were looking up as Prost fought for victory with the new Ferrari 643.

Things quickly went wrong from there, and the trio are back to look in great detail at how the relationship unravelled before Prost was fired ahead of the final race of the season.

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