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Bring Back V10s podcast: Listen to the season finale

by Matt Beer
1 min read

The first series of Bring Back V10s concludes with a bonus episode where we answer more of your classic Formula 1 questions.

Mark Hughes and Gary Anderson join Glenn Freeman to discuss a range of topics chosen by our audience, including what made Kimi Raikkonen so good at McLaren, Renault’s rise to becoming a championship force in the early 2000s, Mika Hakkinen’s disappointing final season in F1 and how Jacques Villeneuve managed to qualify on pole by 1.7 seconds for the 1997 season opener.

Gary also answers a selection of questions directly related to his career, such as Eddie Irvine’s battle with Ayrton Senna on his debut in 1993, why Stefano Modena thought Gary hated him, the horrible x-wings of 1998, working with Brian Hart, and his take on the accusations that Benetton was using driver aids in 1994.

Bring Back V10s will return soon with a second series. Until then, check out the rest of our episodes if you’ve not listened to them all yet, follow @wearetherace for updates on when series two will launch, and keep your questions and episode suggestions coming in using #BringBackV10s.

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