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Formula 1 reveals full-scale mock-up of 2022 rules car

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
1 min read

Formula 1 has revealed a full-scale version of its mock-up car design for the new era of technical regulations that will begin in 2022.

The new car rules were first publicly presented in late-2019, when the regulations were meant to come into force in 2021 before the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a delay.

Back then F1 released various renders of the design and also had a smaller-scale model at the official launch, but now – at the curiously-titled “F1 One Begins” presentation at Silverstone on Thursday – it has unveiled a life-size model.

It appears almost identical to the original renders from 2019, with the exception of small details such as the positioning of the wing mirrors, the style of the wheel rim covers, and the fin at the back of the engine cover.

The simplified front wing and attached, curved-upwards endplates are a prominent feature, as are the wheel covers and wheel deflectors for the new 18-inch rims and low-profile Pirelli tyres.

F1’s major rules overhaul is designed to make cars suitable for F1’s cost cap era, less prone to turbulence and more raceable.

The significantly restyled aerodynamics are the most obvious departure from the current designs.

But this is intended to be something of substance, not just a stylistic change, with F1’s simulations showing the following car retains 86% of its downforce while one car length behind another, compared to 55% for the current cars.

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