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What upgrades have F1 teams brought to the Australian GP?

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

Formula 1 teams have declared their Australian Grand Prix updates as part of the new ‘show and tell’ format introduced for the 2022 season.

Mark Hughes runs through the new parts and what they’re each intended to achieve.


No changes declared. The rear wing is exactly as in Jeddah.

Red Bull

Has brought a tweaked front wing endplate for evaluation in practice.

The leading edge is moved back and the top edge has been lowered. The intention is to maintain the performance of the standard design but with a lower volume and weight.


A ‘packer’ has been added around the centre line of the diffuser. This reduces the expansion angle of that part of the diffuser and will spread energy of the exiting airflow more evenly across the full width of the diffuser.


There’s a flow-conditioning winglet at the rear corner, redirecting the airflow around that part of the car and increasing the effectiveness of the adjacent winglets.


A bigger floor outer fence and realigned forward fences in an effort at improving the airflow through the underbody tunnels to increase downforce.

At the back, a flick on the brake drum has been re-angled in attempt at giving a better airflow interaction between the wheel and diffuser.

It will be trialled in practice and a decision then made on whether it will stay on the car.


No changes reported.

Aston Martin

Higher downforce rear wing to be trialled in practice. The changes to the track may mean reverting to the wing used so far.


Slightly more aggressive-angled lower beam wing, which is circuit-specific.

A material change to the rear floor stays (which are there to control deflection and porpoising) after damage was found on the old-spec ones in Jeddah.

A bigger gurney flap on the front wing as a set-up option.

Front brake duct guide vane has been re-aligned, tweaking the airflow down the sides of the car.

Alfa Romeo

No updates reported.


Revised diffuser, seeking to have better flow-conditioning of the air coming off the skid plates.

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