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Video: The first real sign McLaren is on road to F1 recovery

by Jack Cozens
1 min read

Prior to the British Grand Prix weekend, McLaren has had the seventh-fastest car in the Formula 1 field in 2023 – yet it was a clear second in both qualifying trim and over the full race distance at Silverstone and even spent a spell in the lead.

An equal-best F1 finish of second for Lando Norris and fourth for team-mate Oscar Piastri also came a week after Norris’s excellent run to fourth in the Austrian GP, where the first stage of a three-part upgrade was introduced.

And that caught the eye of the team’s F1 rivals too, with Lewis Hamilton describing the McLaren as a “rocketship”.

Was this just down to favourable conditions, or track characteristics? How much influence did the upgrade have on McLaren’s performance? And are there signs of a genuine resurgence? Our latest video explores those questions.


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