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Video: The case for (and against) a 2021 Red Bull challenge

by Jack Benyon
1 min read

Red Bull’s surprise triumph over Mercedes in the 2020 season finale is the subject of our latest Formula 1 video.

Glenn Freeman is joined by The Race’s F1 journalists Scott Mitchell and Edd Straw as they outline the argument for why Max Verstappen’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix win may just mean Red Bull finally challenges Mercedes in 2021.

However, they also explore the caveats that suggest it could be yet another false dawn like several past hybrid-era seasons – where Red Bull would pick up steam towards the end of a campaign, only to start the subsequent year on the back foot once more.

Alex Albon’s “respectable number two performance” is also discussed in the context of Red Bull being yet to confirm who will take the seat alongside Verstappen for 2021.

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