Formula 1

Video: Rivals might want to copy one of F1 2022’s slowest cars

by Matt Beer
1 min read

Aston Martin’s rear wing upgrade got a lot of attention at the recent Hungarian Grand Prix, as the team found a clever way to recreate the effect of the endplates that had been banned as part of Formula 1’s massive 2022 technical rule changes.

It certainly wasn’t immediately game-changing on track, though, as the Aston Martins remained in the midfield and finished 10th and 11th. The team’s still only ninth in the constructors’ championship.

But that doesn’t mean other teams weren’t instantly looking at whether Aston Martin’s idea might translate to their car.

So will we see this trick appear elsewhere in the field?

Our video explains what Aston Martin’s done, how it works and the chances of a rush to copy it.

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