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Video: How Red Bull can fight F1 cost cap verdict

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
1 min read

Monday proved a busy day in the Formula 1 world, with the ruling from the FIA that Red Bull was the only F1 team to breach the cost cap regulations by overspending.

Luckily The Race’s latest YouTube video is on hand to bring all the elements of the busy story into one place, with Ben Anderson, Glenn Freeman and Edd Straw discussing the intricacies of the news.

The FIA’s statement is outlined in its entirety, as is Red Bull’s disagreement in a follow-up statement of its own – which has teed up a huge decision for the FIA to make on whether it will punish Red Bull, and how severely.

What gains Red Bull might have had from overspending on track, how it can try to overturn this seemingly damning verdict by the FIA and what happens next are all topics covered in this video.

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