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Video: Every F1 team’s 2023 strength and weakness

by Edd Straw
1 min read

Now that each Formula 1 2023 car has been seen in proper, no-holding-back qualifying and race trim, we’ve already got a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses – even if the sample size is just one F1 grand prix.

Here’s your guide to the areas where each team from Williams to Red Bull is excelling in its season-start spec, as well as the areas where they’re struggling.

Though mid-season developments and set-up work will undoubtedly amend the picture, these characteristics will play an important part in shaping how the season plays out.


00:34 Williams
01:36 Alfa Romeo
02:15 AlphaTauri
03:02 McLaren
03:51 Haas
04:34 Alpine
05:26 Mercedes
06:21 Aston Martin
07:12 Ferrari
08:19 Red Bull

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