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Video: Stroll's controversial weekend and his negative sprial

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Lance Stroll’s latest Formula 1 setback in the Qatar Grand Prix provoked a severe social media backlash.

He reacted to the latest in a string of disappointing qualifying performances by petulantly throwing his steering wheel, shoving one of his Aston Martin colleagues in the garage, and then conducting a post-session interview with F1 TV’s crew that did a very good impression of a spoilt child having a sulk.

It’s not unusual for Stroll to be monosyllabic after poor results, but the way he handled this particular moment - losing composure after qualifying a massive 1.1 seconds behind Fernando Alonso - was most certainly on the more extreme end of the scale.

Our latest video explores Stroll's dramatic weekend and whether there might be an escape route emerging for further down the road.

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