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Verstappen among drivers racing in rFactor 2 GT Pro Series

by Matt Beer
2 min read

All 30 drivers competing in the rFactor 2 GT Pro series have been confirmed, including Formula 1 star Max Verstappen.

15 drivers on the grid were invited with the other half having to compete in the pre-qualifying event to earn their spot on the grid.

Other drivers taking part include inaugural World’s Fastest Gamer as well as Formula 1 and Formula E simulator driver Rudy van Buren who, like Verstappen, is a part of Team Redline.

All of the races will be streamed live and available to watch back in full on The Race’s YouTube channel.

Other teams who will have drivers representing them include Williams, McLaren and Red Bull’s Esports variants.

586 drivers registered and took part in the pre-qualifying event and collectively completed 10,901 laps and 57 million metres.

The GT Challenge Series, the feeder championship to the GT Pro Series, has also established its grids with 120 drivers having qualified and allocated to one of four splits.

Every second race the fastest drivers from each split move up a split and the slowest get relegated down a split.

The cars in both championships will be GT3 racecars from manufacturers including Aston Martin, McLaren and Porsche.

Both the GT Pro and GT Challenge Series will feature a 15 minute sprint race followed by a 45 minute main race.

Racers will be competing for their share of the €15,000.

One race takes place every Monday starting from March 2nd, streamed live on The Race’s YouTube channel.

The 30 GT Pro Series Drivers

  1. Erhan Jajovski – Triple A esports

  2. Risto Kappet – Triple A esports

  3. Martin Dyrlund – Singularity Racing

  4. Dennis Lind – Singularity Racing

  5. Peyo Peev – HM Engineering

  6. Jan von der Heyde – Zansho

  7. Arne Schoonvliet – Ajira Racing

  8. Jernej Simoncic – Burst esports

  9. Zbigniew Siara – Luna Racing

  10. Kevin Siggy – McLaren Shadow

  11. Kuba Brzezinski – Williams esport

  12. Nikodem Wisniewski – Williams esport

  13. Rudy van Buren – Team Redline

  14. Joni Törmälä – Red Bull Esports

  15. Max Verstappen – Team Redline

  16. Yuri Kasdorp – Singularity Racing

  17. Joonas Raivio – YMCA Esports

  18. Dawid Mroczek – N/A

  19. Robin Pansar – N/A

  20. Jordy Zwiers – Singularity Racing

  21. Hany Alsabti – Triple A esports

  22. Jimi Nisula – Satellite Racing

  23. Petar Brljak – N/A

  24. Kevin van Dooren – Team Redline

  25. Manuel Biancolilla – Musto Racing

  26. Kevin Ryan – N/A

  27. Dennis Jordan – N/A

  28. Ferris Stanley – Satellite Racing

  29. Borja Millan – 1Aco

  30. Daniel Pasztor – N/A

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