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Promoted: Vandel, shoes inspired by classic racing style

by Matt Beer
3 min read

As thrilling as modern-era Formula 1 is, much of the allure of the pinnacle of motorsport harks back to its golden-age glamour days – where style and speed went hand-in-hand.

VANDEL is hoping to recapture some of that essence from days gone by and update it for a new age with its latest collection of men’s footwear, which draws timeless inspiration from the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours and F1 in the 1970s and 80s – where the drivers were icons on and off the track.

Lr Vandel Bodegones 04
VANDEL has updated a classic icon for the modern driver

Marrying traditional good taste with the latest male trends, VANDEL has designed a footwear collection with the modern driver in mind: beautifully designed, made of top-quality materials and with immaculate attention to detail – and perfect for hopping between the racetrack and professional life.

“At VANDEL, we believe in the essence of the gentleman driver. Everything we do is inspired by people who tried their luck at race driving regardless of their professional background, especially when there were risks awaiting at every turn,” says VANDEL’s Alvaro Sahun.

Vandel Equipo Bn
The team behind VANDEL: Alvaro Sahun, Macarena Pons and Pedro Arino

“Seeking to embody all that character in a single product, we decided to create footwear that could be worn by a gentleman driver during a race at Le Mans before rushing to a work meeting with the boss or clients without ever needing to change his shoes.”

Each and every pair of VANDEL shoes is custom-made to order and the subtle craftsmanship and logos ensure that the shoes say more about the man wearing them than about the brand itself. Understanding fashion and combining it with a passion for racing has enabled VANDEL to create a truly unique product.

Lr Vandel Catalago 05
VANDEL’s designs are sewn with the utmost care to ensure a perfect fit

The professionals responsible for VANDEL’s design consider their trade as an art form, undertaking the painstaking process of developing the designs of each shoe, before producing a prototype and then making adjustments.

It takes four weeks for a pair of VANDEL shoes to become a reality – and the process starts from the moment a customer places their order.

Lr Vandel Bodegones 10
VANDEL’s commitment to understanding fashion and combining it with a passion for racing is at the heart of its philosophy

After each pair of shoes is automatically launched to production, VANDEL’s experts spend time elaborating and classifying the leathers, the sewing process, and quality control – all while working with the latest in cutting edge technology.

VANDEL’s designs are sewn with the utmost care to ensure a perfect fit – and each pair of shoes is made with the very finest suedes, deer and alcantara leathers measuring 0.9 and 1.2 millimetres in thickness to produce ultralight footwear.

VANDEL’s full collection can be found here.

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