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Red Bull F1 upgrade headlines Japanese GP changes

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

Eight of the 10 Formula 1 teams have declared upgrades for the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix.

Mark Hughes details the changes:

Red Bull

The RB20 features a revised cooling inlet arrangement, with an extra inlet on the top front corner of the sidepod and a channel from there merging into the sidepod itself.

At the same time the side-mounted cooling exits have been blanked off. The team say this redistribution of inlet and exit areas gives a better flow downstream.

The floor has been modified to give what is described as greater load without disrupting the airflow stability. There are accompanying changes to the floor edges. Smaller front brake ducts reflect the lower braking demands of Suzuka compared to the previous three circuits.


In anticipation of forecasted rain, Ferrari has given itself the option of a higher downforce rear wing and beam wing. There is also a re-aligned and bigger aerodynamic sheath on the upper arms of the rear suspension.


Smaller, more aerodynamic front brake ducts reflect the lower braking demands of the circuit.

Aston Martin

The Silverstone-based team has brought a big update to Suzuka with a complete re-working of the underbody, comprising fundamental changes to the geometry of the fences, the floor edges and the floor body. A new diffuser with a greater expansion rate seeks to fully exploit the new floor geometry.


A new front wing comprising revised elements and new end plates gives what the team claims reduced drag for equivalent downforce. A single plane beam wing offloads the top wing and works the underfloor harder.


A new front wing endplate has been designed to give better control of the wake around the front wheel, giving aero benefits further downstream.

The rear wing and beam wing are reduced in size for Suzuka to give a more optimal drag/downforce trade-off than would have been possible with the wing used so far.


A new floor body and floor edge give a claimed increase in load.


A new floor body and floor edge, together with extended strakes at the tunnel inlets is claimed to improve aerodynamic stability.

No changes reported: Mercedes and Haas

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