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Quiz: Guess the 2020 F1 driver by their pre-F1 career

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
1 min read

A driver’s every lap and session are extensively chronicled once they make grand prix racing, but their past racing histories – despite being what led them to Formula 1 in the first place – often occur away from the spotlight and aren’t revisited that frequently.

In our latest quiz, use your junior single-seater knowledge – or context clues and the process of elimination – to match each of the 21 drivers that have contested a grand prix in 2020 to a season from their pre-F1 careers.

The year, team, win and podium counts and team-mates are provided for each of the seasons, but while some of these will require only a surface-level knowledge of F1’s main feeder series, a couple are a lot trickier.

Sound off in the comments below how many you’ve managed to guess correctly (but try to avoid spoilers!), or tweet your results at our Twitter account, @wearetherace.

In case the embed formatting presents an issue on your platform of choice, you can use a direct link to the quiz.

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