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Podcast: How Newey’s become F1’s dominant designer again

by Matt Beer
1 min read

We explain what makes Red Bull Formula 1 design mastermind Adrian Newey so successful in the latest edition of The Race F1 Podcast.

Ben Anderson and Glenn Freeman join Edd Straw to discuss the pre-eminent designer of modern F1 and why Newey and Red Bull have dominated the new ground effect era.

The success of the Red Bull since the start of last year is delved into, along with how Newey works with the wider team.

We also discuss his unique background and why that makes him particularly valuable in influencing modern F1 car design.

With Newey now 64 years old, we ask where the next generation of Neweys is coming from and what can and can’t be taken from his way of doing things.

The Race F1 Podcast is available free to subscribe to from all good podcast suppliers, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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