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Podcast: How good is Max Verstappen?

by Matt Beer
1 min read

Max Verstappen’s qualities as a grand prix driver are the focus of the latest edition of The Race F1 Podcast, as we ask how good he really is.

By breaking down Verstappen’s game into a number of different categories – including speed, racecraft, mental strength and technical ability – Scott Mitchell, Mark Hughes and Edd Straw expose his many strengths and few weakness.

With references to specific performances in F1, his evolution as a driver and his path to F1, this offers a deeper understanding of the 22-year-old’s game.

There’s also a look at his unique development as a driver – the offspring of two talented racers in Jos Verstappen and Sophie Kumpen – and the combination of nature and nurture that makes him so remarkable.

Having considered his qualities, we then imagine what might happen in a straight world championship fight between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in equal equipment.

The Race F1 Podcast is available free to download from all podcast suppliers, with at least one episode released every week.

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