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New Ferrari floor among F1 upgrades at Miami GP

by Mark Hughes
1 min read

Five of the 10 Formula 1 teams have brought upgrades to the fifth round of the 2023 Formula 1 season at the Miami Grand Prix.

Mark Hughes rounds up the new parts each team has declared in the ‘show and tell’ on Friday.



Ferrari has a new floor which will undergo a back-to-back comparison with the standard floor in FP1. The front and middle sections have been revised, as has the diffuser.

Alfa Romeo

There is the option of running the beam wing without its flap in the interests of drag reduction at this low-drag circuit.

Aston Martin

There is an extra cooling louvre section available for greater cooling capacity if the ambient conditions demand it.


The biggest update of the car so far this season is a new floor described as giving, “a better control of the pressure distribution and the management of the lateral flow”.

Teams are varying the geometry of the ‘canoe’ central section of flat floor between the tunnels to optimise the pressures within the tunnels. This can add extra power to the various vortices produced and thereby increase airflow speed and downforce.


Alpha Tauri Mirrors Miami

The updates programme initiated at Melbourne continues. For Miami there is a revised front wing and additional aero detailing around the mirrors, all in the interest of boosting airflow speed along the upper body to improve the car’s performance in slow speed/big rear ride height corners.

No reported changes =  Red Bull, McLaren, Williams, Alpine and Mercedes.

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