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Podcast: Is Red Bull's RB19 the best F1 car of the modern era?

1 min read

Red Bull's all-conquering RB19 - undoubtedly the car of the season, but should it be regarded as the best of the modern era?

We debate that question, assess its various strengths and minimal weaknesses, and ask how much development potential is left in the concept in this week's episode of The Race F1 Tech Show with Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson.

Assessing the RB19 forms part one of this podcast's technical review of 2023.

Edd and Gary also weigh up everything that happened in Las Vegas, with a particular focus on how and why a water valve cover was lifted by Sainz's Ferrari, and whether the rules around his subsequent penalty need looking at.

And finally, Gary answers a trio of questions from listeners on the merits of push to pass versus DRS, the location of air intakes, and the difference half a millimetre of ride height can make to a car's handling.

The Race F1 Tech Show, brought to you by Aramco.

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