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Gary Anderson Podcast: Cost caps, delayed regs and tokens

by Jack Benyon
1 min read

Gary Anderson dissects Formula 1’s latest rules debate in the latest edition of his podcast, brought to you by The Race.

Anderson has plenty of experience of being on the inside of F1 rules meetings over the years, so he knows exactly what it will be like behind closed doors as the emergency measures designed to keep costs under control amid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen to “F1’s rules debate: Cost caps, delayed regs, tokens” on Spreaker.

Starting with the debate over what level the cost cap should be set at for 2021, which is currently the originally-agreed $175 million but with some teams pushing for it to drop as low as $100 million, Anderson gives his verdict on the discussions and what should be done.

He also examines the proposed token system that might end up controlling development, as well as the big-picture question of whether what are now the major 2022 rule changes should be put back by another year.

The Gary Anderson F1 Show is released weekly and available free from all good podcast suppliers.

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