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Gary Anderson explains Ferrari’s Red Bull-style mirror change

by Gary Anderson
1 min read

The Ferrari Formula 1 team has brought a modified, Red Bull-style wing mirror support to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Ferrari’s new rear view mounting strut is very similar to what Red Bull currently uses.

Rb18 Vs F1 75 Mirror Arms

It is now a more horizontal component that will generate a slightly different wake coming off the trailing edge.

You could describe it as more two-dimensional, in that it will have less transverse flow across its upper and lower surfaces.

F1 75 Mirror Arm

These rear view mirror mounting struts work with the front suspension members and pull the airflow that is coming off the trailing edge of the front wing downwards over the top of the sidepods.

This improves the flow to the underside of the rear wing.

This also reduces the lift that can very easily be created on the leading edge top surface of the sidepods.

Ferrari F1 mirror comparison

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