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Gary Anderson: Alpine’s Baku F1 sidepod upgrade explained

by Gary Anderson
1 min read

Alpine has added an extension to the radiator intake area of its Formula 1 sidepods for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

This has also changed from being a letterbox-shaped inlet to a more rectangular opening with its outer edge closer to the chassis sides. There doesn’t appear to be much difference in the actual opening size, so I doubt this has much to do with cooling.

Motor Racing Formula One World Championship Bahrain Grand Prix Practice Day Sakhir, Bahrain

It will alter how the airflow spills around the side of the sidepod when the radiator can’t manage to flow the amount of air presented to it at this high-speed Baku track. There will also be increased outwash from the more vertical outer-wall section.

This change will be beneficial to the way the flow going through the undercut area of the sidepods works the front corner of the underfloor, improving the downforce produced by that area of the floor.

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