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Full 2024 F1 testing results: Fastest laps and total mileage

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After three days of 2024 Formula 1 testing are complete and we have our first hints at the pecking order for the upcoming season.

Headline laptimes are far from the best measure, but it's always interesting to see how the fastest efforts from the 20 drivers compared across the three days in Bahrain - as well as the mileage totalled by the teams and drivers.

Fastest test times per driver (all 3 days)

Driver Team Time Day Tyre
Sainz Ferrari 1m29.921s Thursday C4
Leclerc Ferrari 1m30.322s Friday C4
Russell Mercedes 1m30.368s Friday C4
Zhou Sauber 1m30.647s Friday C4
Perez Red Bull 1m30.679s Thursday C3
Verstappen Red Bull 1m30.755s Friday  C3
Tsunoda RB 1m30.775s Friday C4
Albon Williams 1m30.984s Friday C4
Piastri McLaren 1m31.03s Friday C3
Hamilton Mercedes 1m31.066s Thursday C3
Alonso Aston Martin 1m31.159s Friday C3
Norris McLaren 1m31.256s Thursday C3
Ricciardo RB 1m31.361s Thursday C4
Hulkenberg Haas 1m31.686s Friday C3
Stroll Aston Martin 1m32.029s Thursday C3
Ocon Alpine 1m32.061s Thursday C3
Gasly Alpine 1m32.149s Friday C3
Bottas Sauber 1m32.227s Thursday C3
Sargeant Williams 1m32.578s Thursday C4
Magnussen Haas 1m33.053s Friday C3

Laps completed teams (all 3 days)

Team Laps completed
Haas 439
Ferrari 416
Red Bull 390
Aston Martin 378
Sauber 378
RB 366
Mercedes 361
Alpine 334
McLaren 327
Williams 298

Laps completed drivers (all 3 days)

Driver Laps completed
Magnussen 239
Sainz 224
Ricciardo 210
Verstappen 208
Hulkenberg 200
Stroll 196
Ocon 193
Bottas 193
Leclerc 192
Russell 189
Zhou 185
Perez 182
Piastri 182
Alonso 182
Hamilton 172
Albon 160
Tsunoda 156
Norris 145
Gasly 141
Sargeant 138
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