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FIA’s new F1 bouncing limit won’t apply at Canadian GP

by Mark Hughes
1 min read

The FIA’s new technical directive concerning the vertical acceleration of Formula 1 cars will not be applied this weekend at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Motorsport’s governing body announced on Thursday that it would take immediate action to tackle the level of porpoising and bouncing displayed by the new era of F1 cars amid mounting concerns over drivers’ health.

It indicated that step one of the process – setting limits for vertical movement that teams must stay within, compelling them to raise their ride heights if necessary to stay within that margin – would be in place for the Montreal race. But this will not now be the case.

The FIA’s process of data gathering from all the cars throughout the practice sessions is still ongoing but the teams have had it confirmed there will be no metric established for this weekend which they must meet.

“The technical directive does not specifically state that the metric would be applied for this race,” confirmed an FIA spokesperson.

“It is felt that the complexity of establishing that metric from all the data from the different cars is not going to be an overnight job.

“There will be a careful and full analysis of the data gathered this weekend and any application of it will be appropriate to whatever arises from the analysis.”

A limit of vertical acceleration as measured from the acceleration sensors already in the cars is expected to be set, which all cars must meet.

The British Grand Prix in two weeks’ time is now being mooted as the likely implementation of the full directive.

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