Formula 1

F1 Tech Show: The dark art of F1 paint and its impact on aero

by Jack Benyon
1 min read

Everything that touches an F1 car has an impact on performance – and that includes the paint! But F1 being F1, the paint technology used is far from simple, and is just another area where a competitive advantage can be found.

On this week’s show host Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson speak to Mark Turner from Silverstone Paint Technology and Seamless Digital to reveal the surprising secrets of paint in F1, including how the teams seek to get a performance boost.

Turner also explains the thinking and technology behind the revolutionary ‘dynamic branding’ that appeared on the McLaren in Austin, and why it could be the future of F1 advertising.

Edd and Gary also look ahead to high-altitude Mexico City and the impact that will have on the new-generation aerodynamics of the 2022 cars.

And finally, Gary answers a listener question about a potential brake-by-wire handbrake system.

The Race F1 Tech Show, brought to you by Aramco.

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