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F1 tech podcast: Mercedes upgrade + Monaco’s modern-day problem

by Jack Cozens
1 min read

There was a bigger technical focus than usual on the Monaco Grand Prix this year, with Mercedes running its much-anticipated Formula 1 upgrade package for the first time.

The latest episode of The Race F1 Tech Show podcast delves into the changes Mercedes has made to its W14, the intent behind them, and whether they will offer the performance boost the team is hoping for.

Host Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson also discuss another increasingly common topic when contemporary cars race at Monaco – the issue of machinery outgrowing the track – and how they’d go about fixing the problem, from both a car and track perspective.

And finally, in a bumper listeners’ questions segment, Gary answers three technical teasers – including one on a possible overlooked element of Mercedes’ upgrade, one on the spy shots rival teams will have got from crashed cars being craned away in Monaco, and one on how the effect of exhaust gas is simulated.

If you’d like to have your tech question answered on the show, send an email or voicenote to podcasts@the-race.com.

The Race F1 Tech Show, brought to you by Aramco.

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