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F1 Tech Podcast: How teams capture real-time aerodynamic data

by Josh Suttill
1 min read

Aerodynamics are the key performance differentiator in F1, and as a result, those working in the sport have become adept at measuring aerodynamic performance in real-time, using an array of sensors.

But what if F1 technology was applied to another sport where aerodynamics are key?

Joining host Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson this week is a man who has put this theory to the test. Dr Barney Garrood has many years of experience as an F1 aerodynamicist at teams including Ferrari and Mercedes, working across wind tunnel, CFD and track testing methods. A keen cyclist, Garrood wanted to apply his experience in F1 aerodynamics to measure aerodynamic drag in cycling.

He explains to Edd and Gary how he applied F1 learnings to develop his Aerosensor – and how his new product has now gone full circle and is being used in F1.

Edd and Gary also have the pleasure of welcoming six-time Olympic gold medalist (and 2015 European Le Mans Series LMP3 champion) Sir Chris Hoy onto the show, to discuss his experiences of working on aerodynamic performance in both cycling and motorsport.

Before all of that, there’s time for a chat about the car upgrades on show at the French GP, followed by Gary answering a listener’s question about teams testing with year-old cars.

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