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Podcast: Ricciardo's blockbuster first F1 win

1 min read

Bring Back V10s has gone hybrid!

Ten years on from the introduction of the modern-day F1 engines that don't make enough noise and are missing four cylinders, Glenn Freeman, Edd Straw and Ben Anderson revisit the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix - a race famous for Daniel Ricciardo taking his maiden F1 win for Red Bull, and Mercedes suffering its first hybrid-era defeat.

We look back at the early shots in the Lewis Hamilton/Nico Rosberg war, Ferrari's nightmare start to the era, how the tension between Red Bull and Renault almost forced Adrian Newey out the door, Haas delaying its entry into F1, Jenson Button fighting for his future at McLaren, and Bernie Ecclestone's stance against social media.

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