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BBV10s: Schumacher's DSQ and Jordan's shock maiden F1 pole

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The 1994 Belgian Grand Prix will forever be remembered as the race where Michael Schumacher was excluded for the plank under his Benetton being too worn down.

But it was also the weekend when Rubens Barrichello claimed a shock first pole for Jordan, and the iconic Eau Rouge sequence was sanitised by the addition of a slow-speed chicane.

Gary Anderson - the main responsible for Barrichello's slick-tyre gamble in qualifying - and Sam Smith join Glenn Freeman to revisit a time in F1 when Renault signed up with Benetton for 1995, Nigel Mansell was still in the mix for a full-time Williams seat, McLaren was trying to get Jordan to take its Peugeot engines, Mercedes was running out of patience with Sauber, Forti was getting ready to come into F1, and Damon Hill challenged David Coulthard to a fight!

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